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What are the best and worst things to wear in a uniform

The best and the worst things you should wear in uniform.1.

T-shirts and hoodiesSource: Bleacher Reports, via Bleacherreport.comThis is a good thing.

T shirts are the new thing.

It’s great to have something to wear during the summer, when the weather is cooler.

But it can also be a little overwhelming if you have a pair of pants or a t-shirt.

You’re going to have to be very careful with what you put on your body.

You should try to choose a pair that fits well but doesn’t feel too tight.

You can also try to avoid sleeveless tops.2.

JacketsSource: Sports Illustrated, via Getty ImagesIf you’re a fan of the Eagles, you might be able to afford a jacket for your game.

They’re generally pretty cheap, so you should consider that before buying one.3.

ShirtsSource: The Telegraph, via BBC NewsIt’s not really a good idea to go all out and buy a jersey, because you can always just get a pair with a collar.

If you have to wear a jacket, wear it well.4.

HatsSource: USA Today, via USA TodaySports fans have always had a special place in their hearts for their hometown teams, even if their hometowns are in the nation’s capital.

That’s because these teams are the ones that have been around for a long time and have always won.

They can be worn on special occasions and can also help you look professional in the office.

The best way to wear one of these hats is to wear it to the gym or to work, but also at home and on your trip home.5.

TrousersSource: Buzzfeed, via BuzzfeedIt’s a great thing to have a dressy uniform for work, because when you’re wearing it to work you’re going all out.

The pants and the shirt will probably feel tight but the skirt and the belt will be comfortable and supportive.

But you should always look for something that can be tucked into a suit.6.

ShortsSource: Getty ImagesOne of the most important things when it comes to casual dress is to avoid being too revealing.

So it’s a good rule of thumb to wear long sleeves and a tie.7.

ShoeSource: Reuters, via ReutersShoes can be a great way to go casual and stylish at the same time.

It doesn’t have to feel too loose, and you can choose from a range of styles.

The key is to make sure that you can get your feet wet, especially when walking through the streets.8.

TightsSource: AP, via APIt’s important to choose an appropriate pair of tights to match the look of your uniform.

The better the tights, the better they will feel on your legs.9.

GlovesSource: Thinkstock, via ThinkstockThere are plenty of options when it come to gloves.

Some companies offer different styles, while others offer them in all-encompassing styles.

A lot of people will wear gloves to go out and party, but you can also wear them for work.10.

ShoesSource: BBC, via The Guardian, via GuardianNews Now that you know what to wear, it’s time to start shopping.

There are a lot of brands on sale right now, and they can all be great choices.

Make sure to get some quality socks and a pair on sale as well.11.

SunglassesSource: Slate, via SlateA pair of sunglasses is always a good option when it’s going to be cloudy.

It helps to have bright colors that will make the whole night look brighter, even when it rains.

You’ll also want to get a nice pair of glasses that are weather resistant.12.

HeadbandSource: Bloomberg, via BloombergThis is also a good place to look for quality earphones.

There’s a lot to choose from, so check out what’s on sale and what brands are selling the best.13.

EarphonesSource: CNBC, via CNBCYou can also go for a pair, but make sure you take the time to pick one that’s a little smaller than a phone.

A little more comfortable for the ears and the ears alone will go a long way in making your commute less of a pain.14.

BagSource: Business Insider, via Business InsiderIt’s one of the best places to look when it is raining or you need to pack a few things.

Just make sure the bags are small enough that they won’t get wet.

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