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How the Palestinian movie theater company will help Israel’s war with Hamas, but also Israel’s conflict with itself

The Palestinian film studio, Film-Tek, is planning to open a theater in the occupied West Bank in 2018, despite the fact that Israel is currently embroiled in its third war with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and is currently in an Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The new theater, which is being built by Film-Tech International, will be the first of its kind in the world, and will be one of the first theaters to be built under the Vision 2020 initiative.

The theater will also be the largest cinema in the West Bank, with around 70 seats and will feature a film projector screen.

According to the company’s website, the project is part of a global vision to “revolutionize the way we consume cinema,” and to create an “open cinema experience that is more inclusive, respectful and equitable.”

It will be located in the Palestinian village of al-Quds, located in northern Israel.

Israel is not the only country that has recently implemented its Vision 2020 program, with Jordan also joining the initiative and opening a new cinema to promote film production.

The program, which was announced in 2016, was aimed at promoting the “film industry and its role in shaping the Palestinian society.”

It also seeks to promote “respect for Palestinian culture and heritage,” and promote “creative and innovative works of Palestinian cinema.”

“Israel is the only nation in the region that has not made a conscious decision to support its own cultural identity, but it does so with the support of international actors and institutions,” Israeli film director Issa Abu Rudeineh told Al Jazeera.

“This is not a dream.

This is a reality.”

“The new cinema will be a key piece of the plan to rebuild the Palestinian cinema industry, which has been in disarray for decades,” he said.

The Israeli government is also investing in its own cinema sector, with an aim to become one of Europe’s largest film markets.

The goal is to expand the number of films and films-per-day (FPD) to around 400 by 2022, according to the Ministry of Culture.

“We are a cinema nation, and we have to ensure that this nation is a cinema one, that the cinema is part and parcel of the state,” said Abbas Shtayyeh, CEO of Film-Technica, a company that produces cinema screens and projection equipment.

The Vision 2020 Initiative aims to provide a new generation of film producers, filmmakers and cinematographers with the opportunity to create a “film culture of the future.”

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