The best products from the latest Australian quilting craze

Australian quilt makers are taking a cue from New York City, where thousands of artists and fashionistas flocked to the Big Apple last year for the Quilt Week.

In August, Quilt Warehouse, which hosts events for quilters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, hosted a quilt workshop, the Quilting Workshop, which sold out in an hour.

“There’s definitely an Australian connection to it,” said Quilters and Fashions director, Matt Ritchie.

“We really want to keep it relevant and we’re going to be doing a little bit of the same things here in Queensland.”

“We’re going in a very similar vein to New York’s Quilt Fair, but with a more global focus, so it’s something we’re all trying to take part in.”

The workshop featured hand-made quilts, fabric from around the world, vintage quilts and vintage quilted dresses, and quilts made from fabric that has been quilved into shapes that are different from those used today.

Matt Ritchie says the workshops will help quilter understand the process of quiltymaking and the techniques used in the industry.

“[The workshops] are about taking quilts out of the box, learning how to quilt and understanding the process, the tools, the techniques,” he said.

“That’s really what the workshop is all about.

The workshops are all about taking it from the beginning and understanding it in a much deeper way than just being able to pick up a quiltery and start making a quilts.”

“The quilts are not just a piece of fabric, they are the fabric of our lives, the fabric that we create every day.”

Ritchie said quiltering was a craft and that the workshop would be about showcasing the craft of quiltmaking.

It’s a great opportunity for Australian quilts to get out in the open and showcase the craft, he said, to help people who are interested in learning more about the craft.

As well as being a showcase for the craft and the quilvers, the workshop also provides opportunities for the public to learn more about how the quilt industry is run.

Ritter said the workshops would help quiltters understand the processes of quilltymaking, the materials used, the different types of fabrics, the craft involved and the quality of the quilts.

He said the quilled is an organic product that can be used for anything from making a shirt to a pillow.

“We want to give the quillters a really good understanding of how quilterny works,” he explained.

“We can give them a real sense of what it means to make a quiled piece, and that’s something that they will appreciate.”

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