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What you need to know about the ‘Big Five’ of Australian mining companies

In the years since the last major coal boom in Australia, the country’s mining sector has experienced a boom, with the mining industry boasting an annual gross profit of $4.2 billion.

And, according to data compiled by The Australian Financial Review, the Big Five mining companies are all profitable, with total profit margins in excess of 40 per cent.

The five companies have been profitable for over four decades, with five different owners. 

With the last coal boom coming to an end in 2011, many are predicting the end of mining in Australia.

The coal industry is facing the prospect of a $5.2 trillion dollar hole by the middle of the century.

But is it a one-way ticket to prosperity? 

In the early 1990s, the mining boom was heralded as a “golden age” for Australia’s mining industry, with new mines being opened all the time and a huge boom in demand for iron ore and coal.

Mining boom boom: 10 facts you need not know source ABC Home Affairs title How did mining boom start?

source ABC Business (AU ) title Why Australia’s big five mining companies have struggled in the past decade?

article The mining boom in the 1990s was heralding a new era for Australia.

It was touted as the beginning of a new golden age for the industry and an era of prosperity and growth for the nation.

And indeed, in the years that followed, Australia’s mines were booming.

But, with mining booming again, and with new coal mines opening all the too frequently, the boom is facing an uncertain future.

The last boom, the one that came to an abrupt end in the early 2000s, was not without its problems.

Coal mining has been around for at least 80 years. 

It’s a vital industry to Australia’s economy, and a vital part of the economy’s long-term future.

Mining, particularly coal, is critical to our economy.

Mining and coal are essential components of our energy mix.

The mining sector contributes to the production of energy and to the jobs it creates.

Mining contributes to jobs in construction, manufacturing and in many other sectors of our economy, including transport, agriculture and health care.

Coal mines have been around since the beginning.

Mining began in the 18th century.

Coal is a valuable mineral and one of the few minerals that can be mined in a given area.

Coal can be made into almost any shape and size, and it is the fuel of choice for many of our nation’s electricity generating and manufacturing facilities. 

In Australia, mining is also vital to our nation, as coal is essential to Australia, in part, because it produces a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Coal’s greenhouse gas emission levels are among the highest in the world, and are an essential part of Australia’s climate change plan.

But despite the large amount that is made in Australia’s coal mining, it is not cheap.

Coal miners pay taxes on the value of the minerals they mine, and they have to pay a hefty royalty.

Coal companies have also been lobbying hard to ensure that the price of coal is kept high, which means that they can pay their taxes.

Coal, and coal-fired power stations, are often the source of the most pollution in Australia and are the biggest source of climate pollution. 

The Big Five companies have had significant troubles in the last decade.

They have faced huge debts, and the Australian taxpayer has borne the brunt of the costs of their mining operations. 

But mining has also become an increasingly expensive way of life for many Australians.

According to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, mining costs have grown at a faster rate than the economy in the decades since the boom in coal.

 The big five companies are still profitable, but it is clear that, in recent years, they have been struggling. 

This year alone, the Australian mining industry had a net loss of $1.7 billion.

That’s more than double the loss from last year and more than triple the loss of the previous five years.

This year’s losses have come on top of a net $2.3 billion loss in 2014, when the Australian coal industry was in a similar state of crisis. 

“The Australian mining boom has been a very successful business,” said Kevin Breen, chairman of Australian Minerals Group, a mining company that operates mines in Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

“This downturn in mining has affected all of us, but particularly the small and medium-sized miners. “

“There’s been an increase in costs of doing business and there’s been a slowdown in investment. “

And a reduction in production.” “

There’s been an increase in costs of doing business and there’s been a slowdown in investment.

And a reduction in production.” 

The decline in the coal industry The Australian Mining Association says that the big five have had a “significant” decline in their profitability in recent times.

It says that mining companies were able to

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