How to make the perfect wall in a week: 1,000+ materials

New materials from Louis Vuitton are being used to make a wall that is actually 1,500 times stronger than a regular wall, according to a new study.

The study, published in the journal Materials Today, found that the material could be used to build walls that are more than 50% stronger than traditional materials. 

According to the study, the material is called Redwood Wall Laminates, or Redwood Laminations for short, and is made by soaking a piece of hardwood, cutting off one side of it and then soaking the other side of the tree in a solution of carbon dioxide. 

When the carbon dioxide is mixed with water, it forms a porous material that can withstand the water’s heat. 

The result? 

The new material can withstand a temperature of up to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

“If you were to take the same material and spray it on the ground, the heat from the sun would melt it down to the rock-like hardness, so the heat could be kept at bay,” lead author David Wysocki told Newsweek. 

Once the carbon-dioxide solution is dry, the resulting material is then soaked in an alkali salt, called potassium alumina, to remove the carbon from the tree. 

After soaking, the wall is then dry and can be sanded to smooth out the rough edges and to keep the wall from cracking. 

As a result, the researchers found the Redwood wall is 3.6 times stronger and 20% lighter than other materials used in building walls.

“It’s a good example of what the technology can do, and what it’s capable of doing,” Wysocksi said.

“There’s not much we can do to prevent these kinds of materials from cracking or bending.” 

It’s not just a material-to-wall problem, however.

Wysicks said that the study also showed that Redwood is good at absorbing and trapping moisture, and it has the ability to trap CO2. 

It was also found that this wall was extremely durable.

The researchers say that the Redwoods absorb 90% of the CO2 and hold it in their walls, while the clay bricks in the walls absorb 95% of it, trapping it. 

Another new research study found that a similar material called Polycarbonate was used in the construction of an office building.

The research found that it was capable of holding up to 20 times the weight of conventional steel without breaking down. 

In addition to using the same materials to make walls, the authors say that they have also used this new material in the manufacture of solar panels, to help them cut down on their carbon footprint.

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