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Westside building material: $15,000 to be awarded for Westside’s $15m ‘wonder’

The $15 million Westside Building Materials’ wonder building will be constructed on the site of the former Woolworths factory site in Brisbane’s east.

The $30 million Westwood Towers in Brisbane will be built on a new site, with the construction set to begin in 2020.

The Westwood Tower is a 20 storey building that will feature “super high-performance glass, reinforced concrete and steel”, according to the Brisbane City Council.

Its owner, KPMG, is a former managing director of Westwood.

Construction of the Westwood site has been delayed twice, with its completion delayed twice more, as a result of the ongoing fire at the site.

In the interim, the city of Brisbane has said it is “considering” a request from the developer for a $15-million grant to be allocated to Westwood, in addition to the $5 million the city previously approved.

It is not known if the grant will go to the Westside site.

The Brisbane City council said in a statement the Westlands project would “provide an outstanding community amenity for Brisbane and will contribute to Brisbane’s continued development”.

“Westside is a strong community leader in providing an environment that is safe, comfortable and welcoming,” it said.

“The Westside Tower project is part of Westside City’s plan to create a world-class, high-quality, world-leading, community amenitiy for Brisbane.”

The city said the project would include the construction of the “world-class” Westside Towers.

A $30-million Westwood project, which is being built on the existing Woolworth’s site in West Brisbane, has also been delayed.

Westwood is the third Westside project to go ahead this year, following the $40 million Brisbane City Building materials project and the $15 billion Westwood Development Project.

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