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India: The dark arts: Why ‘Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad’ has been able to survive for decades

The BJP, India’s ruling political party, has a long history of targeting the Hindu community.

It is the country’s largest political party.

But the BJP has never really sought to distance itself from the caste-based politics of its political leaders.

Its current prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, has made a name for himself as an advocate of Hinduism.

But his past political affiliations have also been the source of criticism from the opposition, and a source of controversy.

He has been a leader in the Bharatiyas politics, which have been defined by a religious ideology and have been labelled as communal.

In recent years, however, the BJP’s policies have shifted from targeting minorities to targeting Dalits, and some have questioned whether the party has the right to impose its views on the community it claims to represent.

As a political party that is seen as having no intention of challenging caste-ridden politics, the Bharat-ruling party has not been able effectively to maintain its hold on the Dalit community, which has been targeted for decades.

This has meant that the BJP, like the previous two political parties, has largely ignored the community.

The Dalits are often the target of attacks and harassment by both the state and the neighbouring territories.

There have been attacks on Dalits by Hindus, especially by the RSS, which is an umbrella organisation of Hindu organisations in India.

The Bharati yatra, an RSS-led religious organisation, was founded in the 1970s.

The organisation is the largest organisation in the country.

Its agenda is to convert Hindus into Hindu followers and instil a Hindu-only society.

As the name suggests, the yatra was a campaign that started in Uttar Pradesh and spread across the country, targeting the entire community.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum in 2015, more than 1.6 billion people are estimated to be Dalits in India, who account for over 5% of the population.

The Hindu community has a history of violence against Dalits.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, violence against the community continued due to the dominance of the caste system.

The state-led movement against the movement was known as the Rajputana movement.

The BJP has repeatedly stated that it has no desire to “re-caste” the Dalits as Hindus.

It has not spoken about how it will ensure that Dalits will not be forced into Hinduism and that the community will not become a minority in the future.

It seems, however to have done little to engage with the community, and is likely to continue to ignore its needs, which include a better education, employment, jobs, access to health care and more.

In fact, it has been one of the reasons why the BJP is facing a major setback in Uttaradurga, which was held by the Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP’s constituency) last year.

In October this year, a Muslim mob attacked a temple and a Dalit man was killed.

The incident was condemned by the BJP.

The party claimed that the mob was motivated by caste-related reasons.

The media reported that the Hindu mobs attacked the temple for violating the tenets of the Hindu religion, and the man was later beaten to death.

There was no official response to the attack by the state government.

The violence against Hindu minorities has not gone unnoticed by the opposition.

The Congress and the BJP have both been accused of being behind the violence.

In September, the state of Uttar Pradesh passed a bill banning cow slaughter, with a provision that the government will be compelled to register cases against those responsible.

On the same day, the Congress government in the state passed a law that made it illegal to slaughter cows, bulls and calves, and to burn them.

In January, the RSS had also said that it was ready to participate in any campaign against the BJP if it was led by the Congress.

However, the Daliti community has also been accused by the party of being complicit in the violence against them.

Dalit leaders have been arrested, including some of their leaders.

The community has been subject to attacks by Hindu mobs for decades, and has faced numerous attempts at lynching.

As an estimated 1.8 million Dalits live in Uttarakhnagar, which covers some 10 districts, the area is considered to be the poorest in the world, according to the United Nations Development Programme.

The region, which stretches from Odisha to Uttarakhna, is also home to some of the most brutal and violent crimes in India’s history, with some estimated to have been committed by members of the Dalite community, who are considered a backward caste.

In December 2014, the district administration of Uttarakh, which includes the district of Kalyan, was accused of forcing Dalits to live in the slums.

The district administration said the move was to prevent Dalits from leaving the area.

But in September this

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