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How to make a kempturned Kwik-E-Mart

By Hacker News’ Kyle King on December 28, 2016 at 12:02pmPosted by Hacker News founder Ryan McCauleyKempsville, Tennessee, is one of the most notorious places to live in America, with one of America’s oldest and most influential industries.

Built by slaves in the 1800s, it became a center for industrial manufacturing, and a place of business and leisure for generations of locals.

It has also been a haven for the homeless for decades, and is often referred to as “The Jungle” for its encampments, where many people have to sleep outside. 

Kempturning is a process of transforming or flattening structures, usually in order to reduce them to their most natural and aesthetically pleasing forms.

Some cities, like Atlanta and Portland, Maine, are known for their use of the practice, while others like Detroit and San Francisco have done away with it entirely.

In addition to the construction of new structures, the construction and demolition of old structures can also be an important source of income for people living in the area.

“It’s a form of cultural heritage preservation,” said Andrew Fenn, director of the Center for the Study of Urban Environment at Rutgers University. 

“It can be done in the public interest, it can be a source of tax revenue, it helps preserve a community’s sense of place.

It’s an important tool to have in place when it comes to protecting and maintaining historic structures.”

Kempertunning is a technique that takes out structures and materials to a point where the original structures are rendered unrecognizable.

“Kemplunking is very simple,” said McCauly.

“You start by cutting the sides and roof off a building, you don’t remove the roof.

Then you do a flat section.

That means it’s a very narrow space, but you can get it so that you don’st have any structural deficiencies.” 

“You take the existing structures and flatten them, then you put the flat portion underneath,” he said.

“It’s basically like making a big box out of a big brick.” 

Fenn says that Kemplunkings are also an important method for keeping people out of the area during a fire, or other emergencies.

“If you have a building that’s been standing for years, and you’re about to have a fire or something that would kill people, the first thing you do is remove it, but then the second thing you have to do is rebuild it,” he explained. 

The process of kemplunkging is usually done by removing large sections of the building, then building a smaller section, then putting that smaller section over the top of the existing structure. 

Fellows, who is working on a book about the history of the Kempertunner community, said that people often feel intimidated by the process.

“They just don’t want to go in there,” he told the New York Times.

“The fact is that this process is extremely effective, but it’s also a way to make money.

So you have the public facing and the private facing.” 

He added that it is difficult for the public to know how to participate in the process because the community members who participate in it are often people who are homeless.

“People who are not homeless are often terrified, but people who live in the neighborhood and have no money to lose,” he added.

Kembpertunners have a strong sense of community and a strong commitment to preserving the history, Fenn said. 

In fact, Kempertunners are sometimes referred to in local and national publications as the “Kembpermans” or “Kemppermans.” 

Kembplunkers also have a sense of responsibility for the environment.

“We’re supposed to protect the environment, but we also have to protect what we’ve built,” he shared.

“When people are walking through the Kemplunks neighborhood, they’re seeing a lot of things that they can’t take with them when they leave.” 

The Kempertuns also have an idea of how their community can help others, Fucken explained.

“I think a lot people in this community don’t realize how much they contribute to the community,” he noted.

“This is a very diverse community, so if you’re looking for something to do, they have lots of different opportunities for doing that.” 

This article originally appeared on The Daily Dot and The New York Post

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