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When it rains, it pours: Building materials and technology for the future

Posted February 15, 2019 09:27:47 A year ago, the company BrightSource was founded by two Canadian entrepreneurs who were keen to create a material that would not only last a lifetime but would also work with any material they wanted to use.

It was not a new concept, but the company’s founders realized they could do it.

“We knew the material was not going to work for everyone, but we felt like we could create something that was both beautiful and durable and that we could work with for the foreseeable future,” said Matt Johnson, CEO of BrightSource.

In the years since, BrightSource has grown from a handful of people to a company that has offices in Toronto and Vancouver, and is now working with architects and developers to build an array of projects across Canada.

The company, which is part of the global Lighting Solutions Group, is also a leader in the development of materials for home and business use.

BrightSource uses proprietary technology to create lightweight and durable materials that can be easily transported and reused.

The materials are used in a variety of products from furniture and office furniture to electrical systems and medical implants.

Johnson said BrightSource’s products are already used by many companies across the country.

For example, in Ontario, where the company was founded, they have a product called the BrightSource M2 that is used for construction and electrical systems.

The company also offers a range of materials that have been used for industrial applications, such as steel, aluminum and plastics.

The technology that makes these products so durable also enables BrightSource to provide the best possible quality for consumers, said Johnson.

“When you buy the material, it’s not just about making it look beautiful and functional, but it’s about having it last for a lifetime, and that’s a real value for consumers,” he said.

Bright Source also uses some of the same technologies used in building materials, such in the form of carbon nanotubes, to produce the materials that it uses.

“These are very thin, extremely lightweight materials,” said Johnson, explaining how carbon nanotsubes can be used to make flexible and lightweight materials that are used for everything from furniture to electronic components.

In fact, the materials used in BrightSource are so thin that they can be stretched up to the size of a postage stamp.

Johnson added that it was the durability and the fact that these materials were so lightweight that drew him to the company.

“For us, it was really about making the materials so light that we would be able to fit them inside of the most efficient way possible, and we could use them in products that we needed to use,” he explained.

Bright source is also developing a new type of product called Glowforge, which uses a new technology called high performance liquid metal.

This technology is similar to the type of materials used to create glass, which can be made with high-temperature, high-pressure, high density and very high temperatures.

In a research paper, Bright Source outlined the potential of these materials and the process that went into creating them.

“High performance liquid metals are a novel material for use in building and industrial applications,” the company wrote in the paper.

“High performance metal powders are also promising for the manufacture of high-performance semiconductor chips.

The high performance powders used in the study were high-density liquid metals and high-precision high-strength silicon.

High performance metal powder is a new material and high performance powder can be designed to be both lightweight and flexible.

High-precise powder can also be used in high-power electrical systems, optical fibers, and aerospace components.””

This study provides the most detailed view yet of the high performance material technology that is currently being explored by BrightSource,” said Paul O’Connor, senior vice president and general manager of Bright Source’s product development and sales, in a statement.”

While the high-speed powders developed by Bright Source were very high in the performance ranges used by the aerospace industry, we believe that the high temperature, high pressure, and high density powders being developed for the aerospace and automotive industries will be suitable for applications that are far more demanding than the aerospace industries.”

In addition to materials, Bright source is working with the aerospace, electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical industries to develop a new class of products called GlowForge, which will be used for applications such as electronic and biomedical devices.

The new GlowForge products will have a high-quality, lightweight, low-friction coating that can help prevent damage to the materials and protect them from the elements.

The products are also being developed in partnership with the National Science Foundation, which aims to help the aerospace sector create sustainable products for the next generation of aerospace workers.

The National Science Council also supports research into new materials for the industry.

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