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How to save money and have fun with fleece

The average American is spending more than a third of their household income on clothing, a study shows.

And the trend is not slowing.

According to research firm NPD Group, Americans spend $1.9 billion a year on clothing and accessories.

That’s a 13% increase from last year, and is outpacing spending on other categories, including toys and household appliances, NPD CEO Richard Anderson said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

And while Americans are spending more on apparel, they are spending less on accessories.

The study, “Why Americans Pay More For Less,” released on Thursday by NPD, found that Americans are using less of their clothing as it ages.

In 2018, they spent $1,200 more on clothing than in 2019.

But in 2019, they were spending only $750 more than in 2018.

This year, they’re still spending less than they did in 2019: $600 less on clothing.

The trend is particularly stark for women.

Women are spending the most on apparel in the U.S., with women’s apparel spending more at $1 million a year.

But this year, women’s clothing spending is at only $400 a year less than last year.

The gap between women and men is also narrowing.

In 2019, men were spending $1 billion more on their clothes than in 2017.

Women were spending about $1 in 2018 on clothing compared to $1 last year — a 7% drop.

But women’s spending is still well below that of men.

In 2020, men spent $600 more on clothes than women.

And women spent $400 more than men last year on clothes.

The report comes as Americans grapple with the ongoing opioid epidemic.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine, which oversees the National Institutes of Health, has called on lawmakers to pass a package of bills to address the crisis.

“The opioid crisis is not the result of one country or one policy or one campaign,” said Dr. Paul C. Calabrese, the institute’s executive director.

“It is the result, not of one party or one issue, but of the systemic failures of policy and treatment for opioid use disorders.”

He added that the U-turns from the previous administration’s strategy to tackle the crisis “is not a victory for America.

It is a setback for our nation.”

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