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How to find the perfect gift for your next date

With a little help from her favorite artists, writer/photographer Laura Guggenheim is trying to find a gift for a date that’s as perfect as her husband, actor/comedian/writer Adam Driver.

With her husband’s help, she’s created a series of cute, cute-ish, fun, cute, cuddly, cute teddy bears.

“It’s kind of the perfect mix of cute and cute-y, and it’s also the perfect way to let the kids know that you love them and are going to take care of them.” she says.

Here’s how to create a gift with her husband.


Paint a picture with your photo albums and some watercolor.

Guggesons favorite artist is Pablo Picasso, who also has some really cool, fun and pretty art work on her Instagram account.

The teddy bear design is based on the work of the artist, but it’s a bit different than the normal ones.

“You can just do it in a watercolor palette, but I wanted something different to have some fun with,” she says, adding that you could use any color palette you like, as long as you keep in mind the theme.

“Just don’t forget to keep the lines very simple and it should look pretty and cute and fun to use,” she adds.


Decorate the teddy with some cute art.

Gurgens favorite painting is an abstract painting of a horse with a big pink heart on it, with flowers and an adorable face, by Brazilian artist and photographer Paulo Fochi.

The painting is called a “panda” and it was inspired by a Japanese tradition.

“I wanted it to be kind of cute but also a bit surreal and surreal,” she explains.

“The painting has these weird lines and weird lines in the middle that look like the heart and the flowers and it kind of reminds me of something that’s been there forever.”

“It kind of looks like you’ve gone through a time warp and you’re coming back to a place you know, and you’ve got a giant panda.”


Give a note to your partner, or tell a story about a specific person.

Gudgers favorite writing, too, is about her relationship with her late husband, writer and actor Adam Driver, and her relationship to his writing.

“When he was young, he had this thing where he would take a story and write it down, and he would tell it to me over and over and it would just stay in my head, and I would keep going and going and go back and forth,” Gugger says.

“He would have stories of things that he was going to say to me that he wanted to tell me and he kept saying, ‘I want to tell you about this thing that I’m going to tell to you.'”

“And he would say, ‘What’s it about?'” she says with a laugh.

“And I would go, ‘Well, it’s this thing with the panda.’

He would go ‘Oh yeah, well it’s the pango.’

And I would say ‘Well yeah, I’ve heard about it.

I’ve always heard about that.'”


Use your imagination.

Gugs faves drawing and painting.

“A lot of times I draw something that looks like it’s just going to fall out of the sky,” she recalls.

“That’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”


Use something that has a lot of emotion.

“Anything that makes me cry,” she shares.

“Like, I know, I love flowers, and everything, but when I draw the flowers, I can’t help but be so emotional and teary.”

She’s also drawn and painted a picture of her daughter’s friend’s newborn baby that’s a little bit of everything.


Create a cute photo.

“We’re not going to do the cute thing with this one,” she jokes.

“Because it’s all about the cute, and there’s a lot more to it than that.”

Guggens favorite artist’s works include Monet, Van Gogh, and the great masters.

“They’re all beautiful,” she notes.

“But I’ve been doing my art for so long that I really have a soft spot for some of their works.”

“They just all seem to have a sort of ‘fun’ feel about them,” she continues.

“Especially the ones that I don’t necessarily see as cute.

Like the Picasso ones.”

She shares a story of a painting she did with her daughter and that she loved the moment she painted.

And there’s no better way to show

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