How to protect your house from dangerous materials

It was the day of the big explosion.

A group of schoolgirls, who were just about to go to school, were in a class of eight at a residential complex in the northern city of Tbilisi when they heard a blast.

The girls looked down, seeing a plume of smoke rising up.

They rushed out and ran into the complex, where they found bodies strewn around.

The smoke had blocked their view of the explosion, they later told Georgian news agency APTN.

The schoolgirls had gone to class when a loud bang woke them.

The sound of the blast had left a big crater on their floor, with children trapped inside.

The girls had heard that the building had been hit by a bomb and were terrified.

When they got to the school they realised they were trapped.

“It was the first blast in three years,” said one of the girls, Sveta Nastasheva, 17.

“I couldn’t open the doors because there was no light.”

She said the school’s headmaster and two other teachers had been killed in the explosion.

“We were all shocked,” she told the BBC.

“We couldn’t do anything but cry and cry.”

One of the students who escaped the blast, Svetlana Nastashvili, 15, told the news agency she saw the bodies of two girls.

“They were lying on the ground,” she said.

“There was a hole in the ground.”

The bodies of one girl and one boy, both aged 14, were found in a nearby field, and the school was badly damaged.

“The school was severely damaged, and they were lying there on the floor, the windows of their classrooms,” said Nastasha.

“When they tried to open them, the window was broken.”

The Georgian president, Giorgi Margvelashvilev, has ordered a forensic investigation, and his office has promised to provide a complete report.

“I condemn this act of terror,” said Georgian Prime Minister Giorgos Laptev.

“The explosion was a cowardly attack that targeted innocent civilians, and it is completely unacceptable.”

In a separate incident in Tbiliso, a suicide bomber targeted a police station, killing three people and injuring four others.

The blast ripped through the building, killing one police officer and wounding five others.

Georgia’s state-run security service said in a statement that the attack was likely an act of terrorism, adding that the authorities had launched an investigation.

The Georgian capital, Tbilisa, is about 200km (125 miles) from the scene of the latest blast.

Georgia, one of Russia’s largest exporters of crude oil, has been battling a series of attacks in recent months, most recently in the capital.

The country has been plagued by the emergence of a new generation of militant Islamist groups, many of whom have links to al-Qaeda.

The latest blasts came on the heels of another deadly attack in Tskhinvali, where police were killed in an explosion that killed three people on Wednesday.

The Tbilisevic capital has been under a lockdown since early February.

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